Wreck Diving

Explore some of the fantastic wreck diving off the coast of North Carolina with Carolina Beach Scuba.

Tooth Diving

Dive the boneyard of the Atlantic and search for fossilized megalodon teeth that are millions of years old.


Carolina Beach Scuba knows the offshore waters like no one else and can put you on the fish!


Our dive boats depart daily from the Carolina Beach Yacht Basin located at 100 Carl Winner Ave, Carolina Beach, N.C. The boats are moored on the west side of the marina. You can back your vehicle within 10 ft of our boats for easy loading and unloading. Daily parking is available onsite at $25.00/day or you can car pool from the dive shop.

Boat needs a minimum of 5 divers to charter.
Call ahead for "split charters" if you are short the minimum.
All prices are per person and include two dives. Additional fee applies for third dive.

The Charters

Dive Site Distance Max Depth Cost

Drede Wreck 10 miles 60′ $130.00
Stone/Pocahontas Tugs 10 miles 60′ $130.00
Hyde/Markham 17 miles 85′ $140.00
John D. Gill 21 miles 90′ $175.00
Inshore Megtooth Ledge 23 miles 90' $195.00 

Esso Nashville 37 miles 120′ $265.00
Normania 40 miles 120′ $265.00
Rosin Wreck 37 miles 120′ $265.00
Cassimir 45 miles 120′ $265.00
*Offshore Megtooth Ledge*  40 miles 105′ $265.00
*Special Dive Qualificaitons Required - Call to inquire
Ed’s Lobster Wreck 45 miles 130′ $265.00
Frying Pan Tower 40 miles 60' $265.00
Greg Mickey  37 miles 75′ $265.00
City of Houston 45 miles 95′ $265.00

3rd tank dives $60


When you book a charter Tanks are not included with the price of Charter.

Fuel surcharge may apply

Once you have booked charter and reserved gear and tanks you are required to give a credit card or bank card to hold until after the dive. After the dive payment is required.

Our cancelation policy for individuals is to cancel 72 hours before the day of charter or 14 Days before a group Charter. If you do not cancel in these time lines or fail to show up, your card will be charged.

If you are going to be in town a day that our calendar is full we encourage you to call the shop as we have relationships with other boats and can likely get you out on the water.

Our dive boat is a 37ft Topaz with Twin 420 HP Volvo Diesels and cruises at 20kts with a comfortable ride.
There is a comfortable V-berth down below for sleeping and the "fins on" diver friendly ladder makes for an easy entry back on the boat.


If you don't make it out with us on a spearfishing trip there are some great local restaurants in Carolina Beach that serve locally caught fish.

If you did not make it on one of our meg tooth ledge and would like to buy a fossil megalodon tooth check out www.DarkWaterMegs.com